The Maverick Firm was built on the principle that education is the key element in ensuring that our clients are wholly satisfied. We believe that instilling a foundational understanding or basic concepts and offering transparency and accessibility will help us to build trust and create a long-lasting client relationship that we strive toward and value.  


Whether you are concerned about where to start with your financial goals,  basic retirement saving or healthcare reform, our interactive workshops are well-suited to give clients and employers the relevant information in an accessible format.  Our facilitators take time to present the information in language that makes sense, to answer individual questions and follow up; ensuring that the client can implement what they learn.  These sessions may take place onsite or at our office. Schedule your Financial Seminar Today!

On-site Education:

•Group workshops, seminars and one-on-one formats:

•Retirement planning

•Financial literacy

•Healthcare Reform

•Pension Reform

•Benefits education and communication

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