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On Sunday May 1, 2016 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., many lives were changed and much needed healing began. Operation Impact Life sponsored a free seminar that gave individuals access to two Howard University graduates who saw a need in the community for financial education and formed a powerful team by the name of The Maverick Firm. On this refreshing day, Ashley Maltbia (MBA) and Inga Willis shared their knowledge about credit scores, financial legacies and making it easy to face your financial fears.

They tackled some majors topics:

  • Eliminating Financial Shame

  • Breaking the Cycle

  • Unlearning Bad Financial Habits

They continued the seminar by discussing in detail what all of needed to know about insurance. They went over the different types of life insurance policies there are and also let us know how we can tailor a life insurance policy to meet our current needs over a period of time. With everything they shared, Ashley and Inga walked everyone to the ‘big-bad’door’ called ‘FINANCIAL PAST’, turned the knob with great ease then helped us cross the threshold with their hands on our backs for support. You know how a baby needs an adult to help them steady themselves until they get the walking mastered? Yeah, they were right there to answer questions and let us know how easy it is to turn our financial horrors around to be good for us.

I’ve never enjoyed talking about the poor choices I’ve made over the years but don’t have anything of longevity (annuities, trust funds, savings for retirement) to show for it but after ‘Money Therapy’ (appropriately titled), I can’t wait to pay all my bills early on the next due date. I encourage all of you to connect with these brilliant women who truly care about what your life goals look like. They helped us as though they are people and human beings like everyone who walked in the room, not just two women in front of a room speaking fancy jargon. I am so much more aware and I pray one day you can have an opportunity to become more educated about your fiances with no shame and from the perspectives of people who understand your struggle. It’s amazing to meet people who encounter life’s downfalls but once they abound and become victorious, they humbly reach back their hands and open arms of love to assist others. We appreciate you Ashley and Inga; your selfless giving means so much to us.

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